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"The Mystic, the Wizard and the Tramp."

(work in progress)


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In the summer of 1973 Pink Floyd toured America with their latest album "Dark Side of the Moon". Union restrictions in Michigan required the venues to provide spotlight operators, guys more used to lighting ice hockey games and not at all familiar with the art of a Floyd light show.

Arthur Max, nowadays an acclaimed production designer in the movie industry, was the lighting designer for the band and found himself in the unenviable position of having to co-ordinate this very inexperienced crew.

The soundtrack for "Bad Day at the office" is a live recording through the lighting crew intercom at the beginning of the Floyd’s gig in Detroit and the problems Arthur encountered are clearly illustrated (and slightly exaggerated) with an accompanying original animated film. Spoiler alert: The film does have a happy ending. Made with the fortieth anniversary of "Dark Side of the Moon" in mind, the final scene depicts Arthur clinking champagne glasses with a crew member and revealing a frame commemorating this historic album.



Comedian and writer Peter Cook lived in Hampstead, London and was a neighbour and close friend of George Weiss, known to many radio phone-in listeners as Rainbow George. It was he that introduced the world to Sven, a character of Peter’s that was devised and developed over a number of years specifically for late night radio.

The two of them spent many hours together in George’s flat and many of these hours now exist as tape recordings due to George’s addiction to recording everything.

One such tape, now called "the Mystic, the Wizard and the Tramp" is a live recording of the time when Bronco, a well-known local vagrant, called on his friend George to ask for something to eat. Peter was there and Bronco just about recognises his face from somewhere… "Oh, were you on the telly?" and spends the next few minutes trying to remember him. Bronco was widely considered to be the inspiration for Peter’s much loved character E.L.Wisty and this recording is testament to that.

Baked beans feature strongly, and they do eventually get prepared and eaten.