The Pub Car Park!

Home to all sorts of rum and dodgy goings-on.

On the 29th of August 1993, sometime in the afternoon, the following incident took place. This undercover video shows “Bad” Brian Willoughby (lead guitar), “Delinquent” Rod Demmick (bass & vocals) and “Rude” Rick Hudson (drums) up to what is clearly no good in the car park of an unnamed public house, somewhere near the village of Clare in the untamed wilds of Suffolk. Police particularly want to talk to the as yet unidentified ne’er-do-well with the curly hair, seen lurking behind a car in the corner of the car park, who is believed to be the ringleader.

This incident may be connected with another incident on the previous day, where a horde of hippies, crusties, folkies, fogeys and real-ale fans descended on a field in Suffolk, allegedly to celebrate a 25th anniversary. The identity of the couple in question is currently unknown.

Inspector Ayring-Cupboard of the local police constabulary said “We’ve had to do a major reconstruction at the scene. However, the rockery in the beer garden wasn’t damaged as such, and our police van did come off worse when my foot slipped off the clutch.”

Were you present at this incident? Are you visible in this video footage? Can you account for your movements and actions that day? If so, then post your statement on the Witchwood forum - Special Branch are watching.

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