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If you are reading this then you are one of us!* You are also a little late, but welcome. We were celebrating 40 years of the Strawbs and had invited one and all to challenge for the title of “Strawbsmeister”. As it is, you can still take the quiz and determine whether you were Strawbsmeister material.

I think we're all agreed that the Strawbs do not deserve the place that they have been given in folk/rock history. They should really be receiving far more credit and acclaim than they actually get. I say “they” - I mean 'he'. Let's face it, the Strawbs is really a pseudonym for Dave Cousins. Not taking anything away from the contributions made by countless hugely talented associates, the driving force of what we have known and loved as the Strawbs is Dave Cousins.

On growing older...

If you are anything like us then you are waving a fond farewell to middle age and a lot of your time is spent on reminiscing. As spotty teenagers we were eased through many troubling times with Witchwood, Grave New World and Curios. Ah, they all thought we were weird... but The Shepherd's Song always managed to get the girlfriend's knickers off. Let's raise a glass to Dave Cousins and all the Strawbs (including the “back room staff”) and extend a huge thank you for giving us... so much.

Enjoy the quiz – Ahead of you lay 40 questions, some with bonus points. The answers are now provided under each question, but have been made the same colour as the background to preserve the challenge for those who wish it. To reveal them, select and highlight the text under each question (by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer over it) or press Ctrl + A to select all.

If you wish to challenge yourself to see how well you would have done, feel free. The answer form has been left up, so you can copy & paste it into your word processor if you would find this helpful.

List your answers from 1 to 40 to correspond with the question's number. 2 points each correct answer. If there is a bonus point, type your answers a), b). c) etc. as directed. Total bonus points 19 and one for spotting Dick.

Rate your overall performance as follows:

Less than 10 = Are you drunk, boy!?! Report for detention!
10 - 30 = Pathetic performance, must try harder!
31 - 55 = Here is your CSE in woodwork.
56 - 70 = Some 'O' Level passes - but not 6th Form material.
71 - 85 = Decent 'A' Levels, but you're going to struggle with university entrance.
86 - 95 = Graduated with a 3rd class degree - good enough for the workplace, but post-grad is out of the question.
96 - 99 = You got your Masters, and could study for a PhD part-time.
100 = Doctorate? Pah! You're a Strawbsmeister, you (folk) rock, and you never had to wear one of those stupid mortar boards.

Click here for a form that you can select, copy and paste.

Here is the trophy that you could have won (your own cleverness permitting), a hand-crafted stained glass tea light holder, no less.

Congratulations go to its winner, Strawbsmeisterin Sue Holton, here seen receiving this unique, personalised ornamento from our Quizmaster at Rick Wakeman's Six Wives gig at Hampton Court, Saturday 2nd May 2009.

Don't forget! Hidden somewhere among these pages is a secret question we call “Spotted Dick”. Can you spot Dick?

Pick a page: Yes, you have spotted Dick!

Page 1 - Geography Test
Page 2 - History "O" Level
Page 3 - Odd One Out Round
Page 4 - Media Studies
Page 5 - Connections
Page 6 - Numbers Game
Page 7 - Art
Page 8 - History "A" Level
Page 9 - What's On The Box?

(grand total 99 points plus 1 for spotting Dick = 100 points)

Usual terms and conditions apply. Competition is not open to members of the Strawbs past and present (no matter how paralytically drunk they were when any of the events referred to herein were taking place), Tom Allom, Tony Newman, Tom Newman, Rob Newman, Nanette Newman, Cardinal Newman, Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Glaurunga, Michael Aspel or any plants of the genus Fragaria.

Legalese-filled disclaimer:

This is still just for fun, OK? We are still not responsible for anything. All judges' decisions are final and will be debated about on the Witchwood forums for ever and ever amen. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cum grano salis, amo amas amat, et cetera.

Luv and hugs,

The Quizmaster and the Webmaster.

UTTERLY SHAMELESS PLUG: - Simone Kay Stained Glass. Everything from small ornaments to church windows!