And now we will discuss the place of the Strawb in the history of tart.

(total 12 points)

23. Where might we find 'Albion Rose' in a Strawbs context?

On the cover of Grave New World. It's an alternate title for Glad Day.

24. Where did the melting strawberry logo first appear?

On the 1974 tour programme.

25. Where will we find this example of pointillism? Click for larger, non-mucked-about image.

The rear of the cover to Old School Songs

26. Three typographical errors appear on this page from a tour programme. And I mean real biggies, not just dodgy apostrophes and bogus punctuation (which you can ignore). Can you find them? 1 point for two, two points for all three.
Click the thumbnail for a readable version.

Click here for answers.

27. Which Strawbs album cover appears in the coffee-table book “Walk Away Rene”?

Deadlines (cover design by Hipgnosis)

28. The Strawbs supported circus acts in Paris many moons ago. Which famous painter joined them on stage – with a stick, apparently?

Salvador Dali

... for a short time, anyway. Rick Wakeman got annoyed with him blocking the view and shoved him right back off it.

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