History "A" Level

Or The Decline and Fall of the Wakeman Empire...

(total 19 points)

29. Yes, but what year? One point for three, 2 points for all four.

Here are the tickets with the dates revealed

30. At what legendary Strawbs gig did Dave Cousins say...?

“Tonight, to my very innocent ears, that's the best gig we've ever done in our lives. Now, you probably think that's a load of old bullshit and they say that every night, but that's not true. I've never actually got so much anywhere... we're going to play, I think, all night now.”
     Year and venue wanted here.

Massey Hall, Toronto, 1975

31. What year did Dave Cousins play the Kingston Green Fair?
      Bonus point: who joined him on stage for “Part of the Union”?

Bonus: Rick Hudson

32. A&M released no less than three Strawbs compilation albums in four years. Only one track appears on all three. Which track might that be?
      Bonus point: name all three compilations.

Bonus: ~ By Choice, Best of ~, Classic ~

33. What subject did Dave Cousins graduate in?
      Bonus point: where from?

Statistics (maths is close enough)
Bonus: Leicester University

34. What name did Dave Cousins and Tony Hooper play under before forming “The Strawberry Hill Boys”?

David and Anthony

35. The Third Man. Who preceded Ron Chesterman as the Strawbs “third man”?
      Bonus point: Who preceded him?
      Ladies day bonus point: Who followed Sandy Denny as Strawbs frontwoman?

John Berry
Bonus: Arthur Phillips
Ladies Day Bonus: Sonja Kristina

FYI: the Millerites were a major apocalyptic sect who were convinced that Doomsday would fall on the 22nd October 1844, an event later dubbed “The Great Disappointment” by believers and sceptics alike. Now, moving the subject, and your mouse pointer, away from great disappointments, have a click on the little Dave in the picture below.

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