And not a Burke in sight... oh no! There he is!! Don't look!!!

(total 6 points)

19. Which Strawbs album has a taste of Pina Colada?

Deep Cuts

20. He be bee gee. Which Strawb(s)...
a) was a youth in the deep south
b) came from the opera
c) was stuck in the middle
d) went on the piste
e) turned into a Bee Gee
f) became relaxed ?

1 point for five, 2 points for all six.

A. John Hawken
B. Richard Hudson
John Ford
C. Rod Coombes
D. Dave Lambert
E. Blue Weaver
F. Andy Richards

21. What is the Strawbs connection with this rather non-PC offering?
Note: apparently I have been too damn good in Photoshop again. The strawberries were added by me to obscure the titles. The uncovered sleeve, with answers concealed, can be seen here.

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