Media Studies

And other Mickey Mouse subjects.

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15. How did Rolling Stone magazine refer to Rick Wakeman in a review of an early seventies Strawbs gig?

Rock Wankman (cheeky chappies that they are)

16. What periodical published this tenth anniversary two-issue article by the incomparable Jerry Gilbert?
Click on image to open higher-resolution shot in new window. Most of the text has been erased to protect the answers to this and other questions.

And here are those pages again, with nothing concealed:

17. What Strawbs album was the clue in a Viz detective story?

Heartbreak Hill (The guilty party had a copy on vinyl LP, and thus gave the game away. Yes, well, it was a Viz detective story.)

18. The film Grave New World was shown in cinemas as a triple bill with which other films? Answered by Witchwooders a few weeks ago. Substitute question: Sandy Denny's classic Who Knows Where the Time Goes was covered recently on which BBC1 comedy drama series? Again, covered by Witchwooders a few weeks ago. Strange but true. Damn and blast.

Okay, I think we'll be safe with a beat-the-intro taken from a BBC performance fronted by Dave. Name the Strawbs favorite that they were working their way towards here.

The Hangman and the Papist. (It was from a Wakeman and Cousins live special.)

By the way, could Dave C really be fronting the BATS lineup holding an H&H poster? Did you have a click on this blatant anachronism?

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