History "O" Level

Angles, Saxons and Curios

(total 17 points)

6. Which Strawb lead the first Jacobite Rebellion? Wrong band, you fool! It was Phil Collins, acting on behalf of Emily Brontë. Ed.

Gratuitously obscure joke there: Genesis did a song about “Bobbin’” John Erskine, Eleventh Earl of Mar and how he led the first Jacobite Rebellion (acting on behalf of James II, who had been deposed in favour of William III). The song appeared on the album Wind and Wuthering, hence the Brontë reference.

6. What's on the A side?

Click each image for a high-resolution shot of the label. (Shots open in a new window - while your high resolution holds, fortune and goodwill will surely follow!)

The A-side answers, in order:

Grace Darling; Here It Comes; Benedictus; Shine On Silver Sun

7. Which battle is the subject of “A Soldier's Tale”?

Culloden (or Caluddin) - the battle that finished off the last Jacobite Rebellion. Well, there you go!

8. Whose details appear at the bottom right of this publicity photo? Click for high resolution shot.

Click here for a shot with the answer visible.

9. Who sang the female lead on “The King” when it was performed in 1979 on Capital Radio's “Richard Digance and Friends”?

Maddy Prior

10. Who supported the Strawbs at their Hammy Odeon appearance? (Want to see a ticket from that event? Think you can remember the year it took place? Click here.)

Roy Hill

11. There once was a festival that boasted a week-end line-up that included the Strawbs, Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson and the Who. When and where was that?

1969, Plumpton

12. Which was the first Strawbs track to use a mellotron?

The Shepherd's Song

13. Which album took the longest to go from recording to release? Bonus point: which album took the second longest?

Heartbreak Hill. Bonus: All Our Own Work

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