What's On The Box?

Where Mr. Cousins and company have justified the licence fee on their own.

(total 23 points)

36. Which three Strawbs appeared with Rick Wakeman on The Old Grey Whistle Test performing Catherine Howard? One point for two, two points for all three.

Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert, Chas Cronk

37. What was the name of this Channel 4 programme where Dave Cousins was famously let down by technology?
      Bonus point: Who were the Strawbs supporting?

4 Track Live - view the programme's ident graphic here
Bonus: Big Country

38. Commercial Break. A few years ago a Strawbs track was used on a TV ad. What was the track?
      Bonus point: Who was the commercial for?

Part of the Union
Bonus: Norwich Union insurance

39. What was the name of Rick Wakeman's Channel 4 TV show in which he played the Hangman and the Papist with the full “Witchwood” line-up?


40. What was the full name of this Thames TV late night show that ran for four consecutive nights in 1975?
      Bonus point: The title is a homage to which artist?
      The Strawbs played a total of eight songs. 1 bonus point for each track, 10 for the lot.

Strawbs Sing Songs of Innocence and Experience
Bonus: William Blake
Bonus songs: The Man Who Called Himself Jesus, Hanging in the Gallery, Benedictus, Promised Land, Grave New World, Lay Down, Hero and Heroine, Hangman and the Papist.

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