The TV Room

Wreck your head, blow your mind, rot your brain, but feast your eyes!

Welcome to the wonderful world of YouTube - your own alcohol-free lost weekend. Can't do the quiz? Click on the screens and the links and let the GoogleBox drown your sorrows.

More links and screens will be added whenever your addicted intrepid Webmaster and Quizmaster can drag themselves away from the online poppy fields. Or you can just go exploring yourself. Just tell your family before you set off.

** The complete live performance from Channel 4 (As seen in question 37) now has its own page. **

Tell Me What You See In Me - (1993) 25th anniverary concert

'Til the Sun Comes Shining Through - (1969) with Rick Wakeman

Part of the Union - (1973)

Lay Down - at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington (2005)

Shine on Silver Sun - TotP

The Hangman and the Paint Roller Papist - TotP (1971)

Dave Cousins recalled: I nearly broke his neck.... ....couldn't reach.

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